DStv HDPVR Access Service E36 Channels List and Subscription Price [2024 UPDATE]


Are you looking for a high-definition TV service that provides the best in entertainment, sports, movies, series, and documentaries? Do you want to be able to record, pause, rewind, and fast-forward live television at your convenience? Do you want to get access to over 200 channels of different and exciting entertainment for a low cost? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should consider DStv HDPVR Access Service E36 as your TV service of choice in 2024.

What is DStv HDPVR Access Service E36?

DStv HDPVR Access Service E36 is a TV service that combines the features of a DStv HD Decoder with a DStv PVR Decoder. It enables you to watch TV in high-definition (HD) quality, which means clearer images, brighter colors, and clearer sound. It also allows you to record up to 150 hours of your favorite shows on an internal hard drive, as well as pause, rewind, and fast-forward live TV. You can also watch selected shows that you missed or want to watch again using DStv Catch Up.

DStv HDPVR Access Service E36 is available in South Africa and other countries that use the Eutelsat 36B satellite for DStv broadcasts. These include Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Swaziland (Eswatini), Tanzania (including Zanzibar), Togo, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Why is DStv HDPVR Access Service E36 a good option for TV viewers in 2024?

DStv HDPVR Access Service E36 is a wonderful option for TV viewers in 2023 since it provides various features that improve your viewing experience. Some of these benefits include:

High-definition picture and sound quality

You can watch TV in high definition with DStv HDPVR Access Service E36. HD quality means that the picture is clearer and more detailed than standard definition (SD) quality. HD quality also implies that the sound is clearer and more immersive than SD quality. HD quality makes your TV viewing more enjoyable and realistic.

Ability to record, pause, rewind and fast-forward live TV

You can record up to 150 hours of your favorite shows on an internal hard drive with DStv HDPVR Access Service E36. You can also pause live TV to take a break, rewind live TV to catch up on what you missed, and fast-forward live TV to skip ahead. You can also schedule recordings or record two shows at the same time while watching a third. You can also watch selected shows that you missed or want to watch again with DStv Catch Up.

Access to over 200 channels, including exclusive sports, movies, series and documentaries

With DStv HDPVR Access Service E36, you can access over 200 channels of different and exciting content. You can select from different packages based on your budget and preferences. You can also watch exclusive DStv channels like M-Net, SuperSport, KykNET, Africa Magic, and more. You can also watch the latest and best sports, movies, series, and documentaries from around the world.

Flexible subscription options and payment methods

You can customize your subscription and payment methods with DStv HDPVR Access Service E36. You can pay monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually. You can also pay at any DStv outlet or agent using cash, mobile money, bank transfer, a debit or credit card, or online. You can also change your package at any time or add extra services such as Showmax or BoxOffice.

Channels List of DStv HDPVR Access Service E36

DStv HDPVR Access Service E36 provides a wide range of channels to suit a variety of tastes and interests. Here is a list of some of the channels available through DStv HDPVR Access Service E36:

General Entertainment Channels

  • M-Net HD (Channel 101)
  • M-Net Movies 1 HD (Channel 104)
  • M-Net Movies 2 HD (Channel 106)
  • M-Net Movies 3 HD (Channel 107)
  • M-Net Movies 4 HD (Channel 108)
  • M-Net Movies Smile HD (Channel 105)
  • Universal TV HD (Channel 117)
  • BBC Brit HD (Channel 120)
  • BBC First HD (Channel 119)
  • BBC Lifestyle HD (Channel 174)
  • BBC Earth HD (Channel 184)
  • Discovery Channel HD (Channel 121)
  • Discovery Family HD (Channel 136)
  • Discovery ID HD (Channel 171)
  • Discovery TLC HD (Channel 135)
  • CBS Reality HD (Channel 132)
  • TNT Africa HD (Channel 137)
  • eMovies HD (Channel 138)
  • eMovies Extra HD (Channel 140)

Sports Channels

  • SuperSport Blitz HD (Channel 200)
  • SuperSport Grandstand HD (Channel 201)
  • SuperSport Football Plus HD (Channel 202)
  • SuperSport Premier League HD (Channel 203)
  • SuperSport La Liga HD (Channel 204)
  • SuperSport Football HD (Channel 205)
  • SuperSport Variety 1 HD (Channel 206)
  • SuperSport Variety 2 HD (Channel 207)
  • SuperSport Variety 3 HD (Channel 208)
  • SuperSport Variety 4 HD (Channel 209)
  • SuperSport Action HD (Channel 210)
  • SuperSport Rugby HD (Channel 211)
  • SuperSport Cricket HD (Channel 212)
  • SuperSport Golf HD (Channel 213)
  • SuperSport Tennis HD (Channel 214)
  • SuperSport Motorsport HD (Channel 215)
  • ESPN HD (Channel 218)
  • ESPN 2 HD (Channel 219)

Movies and Series Channels

  • M-Net Movies All Stars HD (Channel 111)
  • M-Net Movies Action+ HD (Channel 110)
  • M-Net Movies Zone HD (Channel 139)
  • Studio Universal HD (Channel 112)
  • KIX HD (Channel 114)
  • BET HD (Channel 129)
  • FOX HD (Channel 125)
  • FOX Life HD (Channel 126)
  • Telemundo HD (Channel 118)
  • EVA HD (Channel 141)
  • EVA+ HD (Channel 142)
  • Star Life HD (Channel 167)
  • Zee World HD (Channel 166)
  • Africa Magic Showcase HD (Channel 151)
  • Africa Magic Epic HD (Channel 152)
  • Africa Magic Family HD (Channel 154)
  • Africa Magic Urban HD (Channel 153)
  • Africa Magic Hausa HD (Channel 156)
  • Africa Magic Yoruba HD (Channel 157)
  • Africa Magic Igbo HD (Channel 159)

Documentary and Lifestyle Channels

  • National Geographic HD (Channel 181)
  • Nat Geo Wild HD (Channel 182)
  • Nat Geo Gold HD (Channel 183)
  • History HD (Channel 186)
  • Crime + Investigation HD (Channel 170)
  • The Home Channel HD (Channel 176)
  • Fashion One HD (Channel 178)
  • Spice TV HD (Channel 190)
  • Travel Channel HD (Channel 179)
  • Food Network HD (Channel 175)
  • HGTV HD (Channel 177)

Kids and family channels

  • Cartoon Network HD (Channel 301)
  • Boomerang HD (Channel 302)
  • Nickelodeon HD (Channel 305)
  • Nick Jr. HD (Channel 307)
  • NickToons HD (Channel 308)
  • Disney Channel HD (Channel 303)
  • Disney Junior HD (Channel 309)
  • Disney XD HD (Channel 304)
  • Cbeebies HD (Channel 306)
  • JimJam HD (Channel 310)
  • Mindset Learn HD (Channel 319)

Music and news channels

  • MTV Base HD (Channel 322)
  • MTV Music 24 HD (Channel 323)
  • Trace Urban HD (Channel 325)
  • Trace Gospel HD (Channel 332)
  • Trace Africa HD (Channel 326)
  • One Gospel HD (Channel 331)
  • Channel O HD (Channel 320)

Local and International Channels

  • SABC 1 HD (Channel 191)
  • SABC 2 HD (Channel 192)
  • SABC 3 HD (Channel 193)
  • eTV HD (Channel 194)
  • kykNET HD (Channel 144)
  • kykNET & Kie HD (Channel 145)
  • kykNET Nou! HD (Channel 146)
  • GauTV HD (Channel 265)
  • Cape Town TV HD (Channel 263)
  • Bay TV HD (Channel 260)
  • Tshwane TV HD (Channel 262)
  • Lesotho TV HD (Channel 292)
  • NTA I HD (Channel 251)
  • 1 K HD (Channel 275)
  • Clouds Plus HD (Channel 294)
  • ZBC TV HD (Channel 280)
  • Joy Prime HD (Channel 281)
  • ROK 2 HD (Channel 169)
  • ROK 3 HD (Channel 164)
  • Novela Magic HD (Channel 165)

Radio and Audio Channels

  • TransAfrica Radio HD (Channel 872)
  • Channel Africa HD (Channel 802)
  • BBC World Service English HD (Channel 850)
  • BBC World Service Africa HD (Channel 852)
  • Voice of America HD (Channel 853)
  • Radio France Internationale HD (Channel 854)
  • Deutsche Welle HD (Channel 855)
  • China Radio International HD (Channel 856)
  • RAI International HD (Channel 857)
  • Star FM HD (Channel 859)
  • Metro FM HD (Channel 901)
  • 5FM HD (Channel 902)
  • Good Hope FM HD (Channel 903)
  • Ukhozi FM HD (Channel 904)
  • Lesedi FM HD (Channel 905)
  • Umhlobo Wenene FM HD (Channel 906)
  • RSG HD (Channel 907)
  • Radio 2000 HD (Channel 908)
  • SAFM HD (Channel 909)
  • LM Radio HD (Channel 921)
  • Classic FM HD (Channel 922)
  • Jacaranda FM HD (Channel 923)
  • Gagasi FM HD (Channel 924)
  • Kaya FM HD (Channel 925)

Subscription Price of DStv HDPVR Access Service E36

DStv HDPVR Access Service E36 is an affordable TV service that offers you great value for your money. The service costs NGN 2,900 per month in Nigeria.

You can pay for your subscription in a variety of ways that suit your needs. You can pay online with a debit or credit card or by EFT or debit order. You can also pay with your phone or tablet using mobile money. You can also pay in cash at any DStv store or agent.

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