DStv Premium vs DStv Compact: Price and Channel Comparison


Are you looking for the best entertainment package for your home or office? Do you want to enjoy a wide range of channels, from movies and series to sports and documentaries? If so, you might be interested in comparing two of the most popular packages offered by DStv, Africa's premier satellite TV service provider. These are DStv Premium and DStv Compact.

In this article, we compare these two packages in terms of price, channel selection, and benefits. We will also provide you with a few tips on how to select the best package for your needs and interests. By the end of this article, you will have a solid understanding of which package is best for you.

Why compare DStv Premium and Dstv Compact?

Comparing these two packages will help you decide which one is best for your budget and viewing habits. Depending on your budget and the type of content you love watching, you might find one package more appealing than the other.

For example, if you enjoy watching the latest Hollywood releases and original shows, you might prefer Dstv Premium over Dstv Compact. On the other hand, If you are a sports lover who follows various leagues and tournaments, Dstv Compact may be a better choice than Dstv Premium.

Price Comparison

When comparing these two packages, the price is one of the most obvious aspects to consider. How much do they cost every month, and how much do you save by choosing one over the other?

As of 2024, the prices for these two packages are as follows:

  • DSTV Premium: ₦24,500 per month
  • DSTV Compact: ₦10,500 per month

This means that the price difference between these two packages is a whopping ₦14,000. You can save up to ₦168,000 per year if you choose DSTV Compact instead of DSTV Premium.

Channel Comparison

Another thing to consider while comparing these two packages is their channel selections. How many channels do they provide, and what are their primary differences?

As of 2024, the number of channels for these two packages are as follows:

  • DSTV Premium: 160+ channels, including 38 HD channels
  • DSTV Compact: 130+ channels, including 20 HD channels

There are some channels that are exclusive to DSTV Compact, such as:

  • WWE Channel (Channel 128)
  • TLNovelas (Channel 133)
  • Korean (Channel 134)

On the other hand, there are some channels that are exclusive to DSTV Premium, such as:

  • M-Net Movies 1 West HD (Channel 105)
  • M-Net Movies 2 (Channel 106)
  • M-Net Movies 3 (Channel 107)

What are the best channels on DSTV Premium and DSTV Compact?

The answer to this question depends on your personal taste and preferences. However, some of the most popular and highly rated channels on these two packages are as follows:

DStv Premium

  • M-NET+1 (Channel 901)
  • ROK (Channel 168)
  • B4U Movies (Channel 451)
  • Africa Magic Urban (Channel 153)
  • Africa Magic Epic (Channel 152)
  • eMovies (Channel 138)
  • TNT Africa (Channel 137)
  • KIX (Channel 114)
  • Studio Universal HD (Channel 112)
  • M-Net Movies 4 (Channel 108)

DStv Compact

  • Big Brother Naija (Channel 198)
  • Spice TV (Channel 190)
  • Travel Channel (Channel 179)
  • HGTV (Channel 177)
  • The Home Channel (Channel 176)
  • Food Network (Channel 175)
  • Discovery Family (Channel 136)
  • CBS Reality (Channel 132)
  • Eva+ (Channel 142)
  • Telemundo (Channel 118)
  • Zee World (Channel 166)

As you can see, DSTV Compact has a lot of advantages for people who are looking for a great entertainment package at cheaper prices than DSTV Premium. However, it has some limitations and exclusions when compared to DSTV Premium. 

So, which package should you go with? The answer depends on how much money you have and your viewing habits. If you are willing to spend more and want to experience the best entertainment on your TV screens, DStv Premium might be preferable to DStv Compact. On the other hand, If you want to save money while still getting a superb entertainment package, you might consider DStv Compact over DStv Premium.

We hope this article has helped you compare these two packages and make an informed decision. Thank you for reading, and happy viewing!

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