GOtv Supa Plus Channels List 2024 in Nigeria, Benefits and Subscription Price


Do you want to be able to watch a wide variety of channels that are designed for your individual tastes and interests? If you answered yes, then you should consider checking out Gotv Supa Plus, which is a new package from Gotv that provides you with more than 100 entertainment channels to choose from.

Gotv offers affordable and quality TV entertainment for everyone with different packages that suit different budgets and needs. One of these packages is called GOtv Supa Plus, this package was created specifically for football fans who want to watch every Premier League game in live broadcast. However, Gotv Supa Plus is not just for football fans; it is also for anyone who wants to watch a variety of channels from various genres and categories.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Gotv Supa Plus, including its features, benefits, subscription price, and channel list. By the end of this article, you will be able to decide if Gotv Supa Plus is the right package for you or not.

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What is Gotv Supa Plus?

Gotv Supa Plus is a premium Gotv package that gives you access to over 100 channels of entertainment, including live coverage of all 380 Premier League matches. With this package, you can watch your favorite teams and players compete in the world's most popular football league without missing a single game.

Gotv Supa Plus is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and satisfying TV viewing experience that meets your needs and expectations. Gotv Supa Plus has it all, whether you're looking for drama, comedy, action, romance, horror, thriller, suspense, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, animation, reality, or anything else.

Features and Benefits of Gotv Supa Plus

  1. With Gotv Supa Plus, you can have access to more than 100 channels of entertainment that cover different genres and categories.
  2. Gotv Supa Plus gives you a good picture and sound that make watching TV more enjoyable.
  3. Gotv Supa Plus is easy to subscribe to. You can pay for your subscription through different kinds of channels, including online payment platforms, mobile money services, bank transfers, USSD codes, or authorized dealers.
  4. Gotv Supa Plus gives you excellent customer service that is available 24/7. You can get in touch with Gotv through their phone numbers, email addresses, social media platforms, or live chat services.

How Much Does Gotv Supa Plus Cost?

GOtv Supa Plus is affordable and value for money. You can subscribe to this package for a reasonable price that varies depending on your country. For example, in Nigeria, you can subscribe to GOtv Supa Plus for ₦10, 500 per month. In Kenya, you can subscribe to GOtv Supa Plus for KES3, 500 per month. In Uganda, you can subscribe to GOtv Supa Plus for UGX 104,000 per month.

GOtv Supa Plus Channels List 

General Entertainment Channels

  • Universal TV (channel 1)
  • Africa Magic Family (channel 2)
  • M-Net Movies 4 (channel 3)
  • Africa Magic Hausa (channel 4)
  • Africa Magic Yoruba (channel 5)
  • Africa Magic Urban (channel 6)
  • ROK (channel 7)
  • Studio Universal (channel 8)
  • Africa Magic Epic (channel 9)
  • Spice TV (channel 10)
  • Africa Magic Igbo (channel 11)
  • Real Time (channel 12)
  • TLNovelas (channel 13)
  • Telemundo (channel 14)
  • Televista (channel 15)
  • TNT Africa (channel 16)
  • ROK 2 (channel 17)
  • ROK GH (channel 18)
  • KIX (channel 19)
  • BET (channel 21)
  • CBS Reality (channel 22)
  • Star Life (channel 23)
  • B4U Movies (channel 24)
  • Zee World (channel 25)
  • E! Entertainment (channel 26)
  • TVC Entertainment (channel 27)

Movies Channels

  • M-Net Movies 4 (channel 3)
  • TNT Africa (channel 16)
  • B4U Movies (channel 24)
  • KIX (channel 19)

Series Channels

  • Universal TV (channel 1)
  • Studio Universal (channel 8)
  • ROK (channel 7)
  • ROK 2 (channel 17)
  • ROK GH (channel 18)

Telenovas Channels

  • Telemundo (channel 14)
  • Star Life (channel 23)
  • Zee World (channel 25)
  • TLNovelas (channel 13)
  • Televista (channel 15)

Documentary, Lifestyle and Education Channels 

  • Discovery Family (channel 50)
  • Nat Geo Wild (channel 51)
  • Discovery ID (channel 52)
  • Spice TV (channel 10)
  • Real Time (channel 12)

Sports Channels 

  • SuperSport EPL Africa (channel 35)
  • SuperSport La Liga Africa (channel 32)
  • SuperSport Select 1 (channel 33)
  • SuperSport Select 2 (channel 34)
  • SuperSport Select 3 (channel 38)
  • SuperSport Blitz (channel 30)
  • ESPN (channel 37)

News and Commerce Channels 

  • BBC World News (channel 41)
  • CNN International (channel 42)
  • Arise News (channel 44)
  • Al Jazeera (channel 40)

Kids and Teens Channels 

  • Disney Junior (channel 60)
  • Jim Jam (channel 61)
  • Nickelodeon (channel 62)
  • PBS Kids (channel 65)
  • Da Vinci Kids (channel 66)
  • Cartoon Network (channel 67)

Music Channels 

  • MTV Base (channel 72)
  • Hip TV (channel 74)
  • Sound City (channel 75)
  • Trybe (channel 97)

Religious Channels 

  • Faith (channel 80)
  • Islam Channel (channel 81)
  • Emmanuel TV (channel 82)
  • Dove TV (channel 83)
  • Sunna TV (channel 84)

Local and Regional Channels

  • Lagos TV (channel 90)
  • NTA International (channel 91)
  • Silverbird (channel 92)
  • AIT (channel 93)
  • ONMAX (channel 96)
  • Wazobia TV (channel 98)
  • Galaxy TV (channel 99)
  • OGTV (channel 100)
  • Arewa 24 (channel 101)
  • WAP TV (channel 102)
  • RSTV (channel 103)
  • EBS (channel 104)
  • BCOS (channel 105)
  • iTV Benin (channel 107)
  • BISCON TV (channel 108)
  • Liberty TV (channel 110)

These are all the channels available on GOtv Supa Plus. You can check our related article on Gotv Supa vs Gotv Supa Plus: Which One is Better for You?

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