What's the Difference Between GOtv Supa and GOtv Supa Plus?

GOtv offers a wide variety of packages which includes the GOtv Supa and the GOtv Supa Plus, the most premium package on the line. While both packages offer subscribers the highest number of channels covered by GOtv, most customers confuse one for the other hence leading to the question for today: 

What's the difference between GOtv Supa and GOtv Supa Plus?

What's the Difference Between GOtv Supa and GOtv Supa Plus?

However, if you are among those who still don't know the difference between both packages, don't panic. You are lucky to be in the right place. Here, you will learn about both packages, number of channels they provide, current prices as well as other alternative GOtv packages that can serve you efficiently if you're on a budget.  

Difference between GOtv Supa and GOtv Supa Plus 

Both GOtv Supa and GOtv Supa Plus offer a world of entertainment at your fingertips. It's now left for you to decide which to go for. GOtv Supa Plus is the heavyweight champion, boasting the most channels, including all the ones you'll find on GOtv Supa.

On the other hand, think of GOtv Supa as a buffet with a good spread of genres like movies, series, documentaries, and local channels. GOtv Supa Plus goes a step further, offering more channels across these categories, including extra sports channels or exclusive content.

As for the prices of both packages, here comes the trade-off. GOtv Supa Plus has a higher monthly cost of ₦15,700 compared to GOtv Supa ₦9,600 monthly cost.  

So, which one is right for you?

GOtv Supa: Ideal if you enjoy a good mix of entertainment and want to keep your budget in check.

GOtv Supa Plus: Perfect if you have a large family with diverse viewing tastes, crave the latest shows and movies, or want the most extensive sports options (although it's best to confirm Champions League coverage).

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your viewing habits and budget. Think about what kind of content you watch the most, and weigh that against the additional cost of Supa Plus.

List of GOtv packages in 2024 

Here are the GOTv packages available in 2024:

  • GOtv Smallie: This is the most basic package, offering about 35 channels for ₦1,575 monthly.
  • GOtv Jinja: This package provides a good selection of local and international channels, including movie channels and documentaries, for ₦3,300 monthly.
  • GOtv Jolli: This package offers a wider variety of channels, including sports and kid's channels, for ₦4,850 monthly.
  • GOtv Max: This package is ideal for families, with a mix of local and international channels, sports channels, and kid's channels, for ₦7,200 monthly.
  • GOtv Supa: This package offers premium channels, including movie channels, series channels, and documentary channels, for ₦9,600 monthly.
  • GOtv Supa+: This is the most premium package, offering a vast selection of channels, including all the channels on the GOtv Supa package, for ₦15,700 monthly.

You can find more information about the channels included in each package on the GOtv website https://www.gotvafrica.com/en-ng/get/packages/

Which package is ₦1,900 on GOtv? 

None of the currently available GOtv packages cost ₦1,900. The prices range from ₦1,575 for GOtv Smallie to ₦15,700 for GOtv Supa+.

You can see the current GOtv package prices on their website. 

GOtv packages and channels 

Here's a breakdown of GOtv packages and Channels (as of June 22, 2024):

1. GOtv Smallie

Offers around 35 channels

Caters to local channels, news, sports (with 1 channel SS Blitz) and kids programming.

Monthly Cost: ₦1,575

2. GOtv Jinja

Offers over 45 channels

Builds upon Smallie with channels like Africa Magic (Hausa, Yoruba, and Epic), SS Variety 4, Sound City, etc.

Monthly Cost: ₦3,300

3. GOtv Jolli

Offers a wider variety of channels over 65 including sports and kid's channels.

Good value for casual viewers seeking entertainment at an affordable price.

Monthly Cost: ₦4,850

4. GOtv Max

Ideal for families with a mix of local and international channels, sports channels, and kid's channels.

Offers over 75 channels

Monthly Cost: ₦7,200

5. GOtv Supa

Offers premium channels including movie channels, series channels, and documentary channels.

Exact number of What's the Difference Between GOtv Supa and GOtv Supa Plus? 

 not specified but advertised to have more than GOtv Max.

Monthly Cost: ₦9,600

6. GOtv Supa+

The most premium package with a vast selection of channels, including all the channels on the GOtv Supa package.

Monthly Cost: ₦15,700

Note: Channel availability can change, so it's always best to check the latest channel list on the GOtv website. 

How many channels are in the GOtv Supa package? 

The GOtv Supa package offers its subscribers a surprising 80+ channels at ₦9,600 monthly. As a subscriber for this package, you stand to get 21 local channels, 6 sports channels, 8 movie channels and 49 other genre channels to keep you and your family entertained. 

This suggests it has more channels than the earlier packages (Smallie, Jinja, Jolli, and Max) but not necessarily all the channels offered by GOtv.

What is the price of GOtv Max in Nigeria? 

The price of GOtv Max in Nigeria is ₦7,200 per month (as of June 22, 2024).

What is the GOtv Supa Plus package? 

GOtv Supa+ is the most premium package offered by GOtv, boasting the widest selection of channels amongst all their options. This likely means you'll get access to more movie channels, documentary channels, foreign channels, and more sports channels compared to GOtv Supa.

Its monthly cost is ₦15,700 (as of June 22, 2024). However, if you're on a budget or have more specific viewing needs, other GOtv packages might be a better fit.

Can I watch the Premier League on GOtv Supa? 

No, while GOtv Supa offers some sports channels, it likely won't show all Premier League matches. The rights to broadcast Premier League matches in Nigeria are most likely held by another provider. 

So, if watching the Premier League is a priority, consider researching which provider holds the rights to broadcast the

 matches in Nigeria, contact GOtv or check for updates on their website in this regard.  

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