DStv Zapper Decoder Price in Nigeria [2024 UPDATE]

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable way to enjoy quality entertainment at home, the DStv Zapper decoder has got you covered.

Keep on reading as we will be discussing what a DStv Zapper decoder is, what its features are, and how much it costs in Nigeria.

What is a DStv Zapper Decoder?

A DStv Zapper decoder is a device that enables you to receive, decode, and display DStv signals on your television screen. These signals originate from the satellite dish. It is a basic decoder that does not have any recording or playback features, but the picture and sound quality are both of high definition (HD) quality.

The DStv Zapper decoder comes with a remote control, a smart card, a power cable, and an HDMI cable. You will also need a satellite dish and an LNB (low-noise block) to connect the decoder to the satellite signal. These are available separately or as part of a package with the decoder.

Features of DStv Zapper decoder

Below are some of the features of DStv Zapper decoder:

  1. You can enjoy crisp and clear images and sound on your HD TV with the DStv Zapper decoder. The decoder supports resolutions up to 1080i and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.
  2. You can select from a variety of DStv packages that include different kinds of channels and genres. The packages range from Padi, which has 40 channels, to Premium, which has 135 channels. You can also get additional content through add-on services such as Showmax or BoxOffice.
  3. You can connect up to three decoders under one subscription using XtraView. This means you can watch different live TV shows in three separate rooms at the same time. You only pay one subscription fee plus an access fee for each XtraView connection. You can use any combination of DStv Exploras or Single View DStv HD decoders for this feature.
  4. You can watch live TV or catch up on your favorite shows using the DStv app or website on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You can also download shows for watching offline or cast them to your TV screen using Chromecast or AirPlay. You must have an active DStv subscription and an internet connection in order to use this feature.
  5. You can easily install and set up your DStv Zapper decoder by following the instructions in the manual or on the screen. You can also use the DStv app or website to manage your account, pay your subscription, fix errors, change your package, or contact customer care.

How Much is a DStv Zapper Decoder in Nigeria?

A DStv Zapper decoder costs N5,000 in Nigeria right now. This is simply for the decoder; it does not include the satellite dish, LNB, installation, or subscription fees.

If you would like to purchase the package deal that consists of the decoder, dish kit, and one-month Confam subscription, the total cost will be N33,203. This is a promotional offer that is valid until December 31, 2023.

You can also buy a bundle that includes the decoder and dish kit without any subscription for N19,850. This is a good option if you already have an active subscription or want to choose a different package.

You can purchase a DStv Zapper decoder online via Jumia or other e-commerce platforms or offline from authorized dealers or DStv offices. You can locate the nearest dealer or office by visiting the DStv website or calling DStv customer care.


The DStv Zapper decoder is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enjoy high-quality entertainment at home without spending too much money. It offers HD picture and sound quality, access to over 100 channels and packages, XtraView capability, and online streaming options.

If you live in Nigeria and are interested in buying a DStv Zapper decoder, you may do so either online or offline for the price of N5,000, or N33,203 with a bundle. Before you start making use of your decoder, you need to do a price and offer comparison, check the warranty and installation, activate it, and recharge it before you start using it.

We hope this article has given you all the information you need to know about the DStv Zapper decoder price in Nigeria. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us or leave them below. Thank you for reading, and happy viewing!

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