How to watch free channels on gotv without subscription


GOtv is a digital terrestrial television service that offers a wide range of local and international channels for African viewers. It is a product of Multichoice Group, which also owns DStv, the leading satellite TV service in Africa. GOtv uses the latest technology to deliver high-quality digital content to your home. It is affordable, reliable, and easy to install and use.

One of the benefits of GOtv is that it provides various free channels that you can watch without paying any subscription fees. These free channels are available to all GOtv customers, regardless of package or payment status. They give you access to news, entertainment, sports, religion, and other things. You can watch these free channels whenever you want, as long as your decoder is connected to a power source and an antenna.

How to Access Free Channels on GOtv

To access free channels on GOtv, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Connect your decoder to your TV using the audio and video cables
  2. Connect your antenna to your decoder using the RF IN plug
  3. Connect your power cable supply
  4. Turn on both your television and your decoder
  5. Press AV on your TV remote
  6. Scan your decoder for available channels
  7. From the channel list, select the free channel that you want to watch and click "OK."

List of Free Channels on GOtv

Here are some of the free channels that you can watch on GOtv:

Local Channels

  • RStv (channel 103)
  • EBS (channel 104)
  • BCOS (channel 105)

International Channels

  • BBC World News (channel 70)
  • Al Jazeera (channel 71)
  • CGTN News 

If you want to enjoy more channels on GOtv, you can choose from different packages and prices that suit your needs and budget. The packages are:

  1. Smallie: This subscription package costs ₦900 per month and includes 36 channels, including one sports channel and 35 other genre channels.
  2. Jinja: This package costs ₦1,900 per month and has 47 channels, including one music channel, one movie channel, two sports channels, and 43 other types of channels.
  3. Jolli: This package costs ₦2,800 per month and has 68 channels, including three music channels, three movie channels, three sports channels, and 59 other types of channels.
  4. Max: This package costs ₦4,150 per month and has 76 channels, including three music channels, four movie channels, four sports channels, and 65 other types of channels.
  5. Supa: This package costs ₦5,500 per month and includes 84 channels, including three music channels, six movie channels, six sports channels, and 69 other genre channels.

You can pay for your subscription online or through an authorised dealer using a variety of methods, such as debit cards, bank transfers, mobile money, or USSD codes. You can also use the GOtv self-service portal on the app or website to check your balance, clear errors, and change your package.


In conclusion, GOtv is a great choice for people who want to watch high-quality TV content at an affordable price. You can also watch some free shows on GOtv without paying any subscription fees. You can compare different packages and prices to find the best one for you. You can also pay for your subscription easily and conveniently using various methods.

I hope this article has been helpful and informative for you. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free drop a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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