DStv Yoruba Channels List in Nigeria [2024 UPDATE]

DStv Yoruba Channels List in Nigeria

In this article, we are going to talk about what DStv Yoruba channels are, why they are important, their prices, and how you can access them on different packages and devices.

What are DStv Yoruba Channels?

The DStv Yoruba channels are a group of channels that stream in the Yoruba language or have Yoruba subtitles. They have channels in different categories, such as general entertainment, movies and TV shows, music, news and commerce, religion, lifestyle, and culture. They are designed to cater to the needs and interests of Yoruba speakers and learners in Nigeria and beyond.

DStv Yoruba Channel List by Category

The following is a comprehensive list of DStv Yoruba channels divided by category:

General Entertainment

  • Africa Magic Yoruba (channel 157)
  • ROK 2 (channel 169)
  • ROK 3 (channel 164)
  • Telemundo (channel 118)
  • E! Entertainment Television (channel 124)

Movies and Series

  • M-Net Movies 4 (channel 108)
  • CBS Reality (channel 132)
  • CBS Justice (channel 170)
  • Eva+ (channel 142)
  • Star Life (channel 167)
  • M-Net City (channel 115)


  • MTV Base (channel 322)
  • Hip TV (channel 324)
  • AFRO Music English (channel 326)
  • Sound City (channel 327)

News and Commerce

  • NTA I (channel 251)
  • SILVERBIRD (channel 252)
  • AIT (channel 253)
  • CHANNELS (channel 254)
  • MiTV (channel 255)
  • LAGOS TV (channel 256)
  • ONMAX (channel 257)
  • Wazobia Max (channel 259)
  • BBC World News (channel 400)
  • CNN International (channel 401)
  • Al Jazeera (channel 406)


  • Faith Broadcast Network (channel 341)
  • Islam Channel (channel 347)
  • Emmanuel TV (channel 390)
  • Dove TV (channel 349)

Lifestyle and Culture

  • Spice TV (channel 190)

Benefits of DStv Yoruba Channels

There are many good things about DStv Yoruba channels that make them a good choice for anyone who wants to watch good entertainment in their native language. Some of these benefits include:

  1. DStv Yoruba channels showcase the rich and diverse culture and values of the Yoruba people. You can watch programmes on the Yoruba people's history, traditions, customs, and way of life. You can also read about the Yoruba people's successes, contributions, and challenges in Nigeria and beyond.
  2. Yoruba speakers and learners will find pleasure and education on DStv Yoruba channels. You can watch programmes that are entertaining, interesting, and informative in Yoruba or with Yoruba subtitles. You can also improve your Yoruba language skills by listening to local speakers and reading subtitles.
  3. DStv Yoruba channels show local and international talent and content in Yoruba. You can watch original and exclusive content from both local and international producers, featuring well-known and up-and-coming actors and actresses.

How Much Does DStv Yoruba Cost?

The cost of watching DStv Yoruba channels depends on the package you choose. The cheapest package that has DStv Yoruba channels is Padi, which costs N1,850 per month. The most expensive package that has DStv Yoruba channels is Premium, which costs N18,400 per month. You can also opt for add-on services such as Showmax or BoxOffice for extra charges.

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